Smart Ports and Industry Digital Transformation

We are looking for solutions that will enable Ports’ Digital Transformation in order to become smarter, data-driven and interoperable.

  • Communication and interoperability
  • Digital twin
  • Automation and Robotisation
  • Data and predictive analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Bureaucracy digitalization (paperless documentation workflow)

Port facilities for Off-shore energy

We are looking for solutions and new business in the sector of renewable energies.

  • Manufacturing and assemblies equipment
  • Logistics and support for operations (On-shore/Off-shore)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Off-shore marine renewable energies (wind, tidal, wave, solar, etc.)

Green Ports

We are looking for solutions that will enhance air quality control, carbon emissions and noise reduction.

  • Air quality monitoring, measurement & mitigation
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Interactive noise mapping for acoustic quality improvement

Sustainable Shipping Industry and Maritime Transportation

We are looking for solutions towards the decarbonization and sustainability of the shipping industry and Maritime Transportation.

  • Green Antifouling
  • Ships tracking and communication between ship and shore
  • Vessels decarbonization
  • Environmental regulation assessment
  • Ships’ energy efficiency
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Yacht of the future
  • Marinas and docks capacity optimisation and management
  • Bunker procurement
  • Vessels efficiency optimization

Ports as catalyser of Natural Capital Value & Restoration

We are looking for solutions that will contribute to conservation and restoration of the natural capital around the ports ecosystem.

  • Multi-purpose platforms
  • Restoration & preservation of Biodiversity and the Ecosystems
  • Sustainable dredging and Sediment minimization
  • Marine coastal biodiversity monitoring and observation
  • Tourism public access areas and Green ways
  • Marine Spatial Planning

Traffic management, Freights and Logistics

We are looking for solutions that will increase the Ports’ capacity to deal with Traffic, management, freights and logistics.

  • Navigation reporting system
  • Navigation decision support
  • Cargo traceability
  • Onshore/Offshore Traffic Management

Port infrastructures

We are looking for solutions that support port operation and improve the port infrastructures.

  • Increase operability
  • Optimize the Terminal & Berth space
  • Maintenance & monitoring
  • Hinterland development & optimisation (expansion)
  • Surveillance & Safety
  • Asset Management

Waste Management & Circular Economy

We are looking for solutions tackling the waste management in the ports contributing to the circularity of waste resources.

  • Waste to value (biofuel, renewable chemicals, fuel recycling, etc.)
  • Ballast water & Ship Waste
  • Marine litter management and reutilization
  • Waste collection, treatment and tracking
  • Wastewater treatment to prevent from high level of nutrients being discharged into the waterways

New Business from Living Marine Resources

We are looking for solutions that can be applied in the emerging sectors in the blue bio-economy and bio-technology, aquaculture and fisheries.

  • Implementation of new business in Aquaculture sector
  • Extraction of high-value bioactive compounds
  • Removal of nutrients in excess from the water
  • commercial applications for biomass (food and food supplements, feed, cosmetics, fertilizers and plant biostimulants, etc.)
  • Innovative commercial applications for biomass (biomaterials, bioremediation or biofuels)
  • Sustainable fisheries and bycatch reduction

Clean Energy sources for Ports

We are looking for solutions that drive ports’ decarbonization by bringing clean energy sources for ports.

  • Energy efficiency
  • New energy sources ( solar, wind, etc.)
  • Energy management
  • Adaptation and transformation of the ports equipment and infrastructure
  • Green Hydrogen as an energy vector
This Project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No.: EMFF-APC-2020-AspBAN-101033749.